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URGENT – COVID-19 Update

Jun 29 2020

We are pleased to announce that we are making preparations to restart our physical attendances for document service in all local areas. Regarding rush services; in an effort to thoroughly review and plan for all locations, we will only be guaranteeing availability for standard (next day) attendances on any rush requests. Wherever possible, we would still prefer to serve pleadings by fax or mail for the purpose of electronic filing.


We will also begin to drop off outstanding material to our client’s offices, where available. Pick up of material that cannot be emailed can also be arranged by contacting us through email at: kap@kaplitigation.com.


Due to the court’s limited operations, we will not resume physical court attendances at this time. This decision will remain until the courts are accepting all material, and not limited to emergency filings only.


We will also continue to assist you in the following areas:

ELECTRONIC FILINGS: We have the availability to file many types of civil pleading through our e-filing account. E-mail us at kap@kaplitigation.com for a complete list of available documents.

SERVICE: By mail or Fax, Local personal service now available.

AGENT SERVICES AND FILING: Subject to confirmation based on location and agent availability.

ONLINE SEARCHES: MTO (Drivers Licence and Plate), Corporate, Property, Bankruptcy.

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